Heindl Patrizia (currently on maternity leave)

Researcher ERC DiverseNile Project, WP 3 (material culture)


Research Interests

Art and Archaeology, multimodality and semiotics, cultural landscape and religion, Late Period Egypt, reception of ancient Egypt


Since 2016         PhD in Egyptology, LMU Munich

2013-2016         MA in Egyptology, LMU Munich

2010-2013         BA in Egyptology, LMU Munich

Career History

Since 2023         Researcher for the ERC DiverseNile Project, LMU Munich

Since 2022         Researcher for the DFG Aegyptiaca Project (Florian Ebeling), LMU Munich

Since 2021         Board Member of the MZAW (Münchner Zentrum Antiker Welten)

Since 2020         Teaching Assistant and Researcher, Professorship Egyptian Archaeology and Art History, LMU Munich

2017-2020         Doctoral Fellow Graduate School Distant Worlds

Archaeological Fieldwork

2023                    South Asasif Conservation Project, Luxor, Egypt

Since 2018         LMU Ankh-Hor Project, Luxor, Egypt (since 2022: Deputy field director)

2017                    AcrossBorders Project, documentation of finds in the Sudan National Museum in Khartoum, Sudan for the LMU Munich

2014-2017         various excavations in Germany

2014                    Dra Abu el-Naga Project, Luxor, Egypt, for the German Archaeological Institute Cairo

2013                    Tuna El Gebel, Egypt, LMU Munich


Since 2020         Project KOINet, the interdisciplinary competence and cooperation network for young academics (https://www.koinet.aegyptologie.uni-muenchen.de/en/)

2022                    Exhibition – Alaa Awad – an Egyptian Story, organization as Guest Curator at the SMAEK, Munich


In preparation:

Heindl, P. and Rossberger, E. (eds.) Multimodal Artefact Analysis in Ancient Studies, Pathways to Mulitmodality 1, DeGruyter: Berlin, 2024.

Heindl, P. “A question of the beholder”. In Spaces and Meaning. Multimodal Communication in Ancient Egypt, edited by Silvia Kutscher and Dina Serova, Sidestone: Leiden, 2023.

Elkins, C. and Heindl, P. „Ancient Techniques, Modern Technologies: Using 3D Models to Reveal the Sculptor’s Vision“


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