The MUAFS project is directed by Julia Budka and hosted at the LMU Munich. The project also comprises associated team members and temporary field staff.

The core team of MUAFS comprised in 2018:

  • Julia Budka (Egyptologist and Archaeologist, project director)
  • Giulia D’Ercole (Prehistorian, researcher)
  • Cajetan Geiger (Archaeologist, researcher)
  • Veronica Hinterhuber (Sudan Archaeologist, researcher)
  • Marion Scheiblecker (Near Eastern Archaeologist and Archaeological geophysics, researcher)
  • Jessica Distefano (Graduate Student of Egyptology, student assistant)

In the field, we were strengthened in 2018/2019 by the following persons:

  • Valentina Laaha (student of Prehistory, Vienna)
  • Franziska Lehmann (Archaeologist, Berlin)

The team of 2020 comprised Julia Budka, Giulia D’Ercole, Cajetan Geiger, Veronica Hinterhuber, Jessica Distefano and Huda Magzoub from NCAM.

Under the umbrella of the MUAFS project, the ERC project DiverseNile is carried out since April 2020. For the ERC team members see here.

The ongoing MUAFS fieldseason 2023 is carried out by our ERC team with the support of:

  • Huda Magzoub (antiquity inspector, NCAM)
  • Tasabeh Obaid Hassan (Al-Neelain University)
  • Mohamed Abdeldaim Khairi Ibrahim (Al-Neelain University)
  • Matei Tichindelean (PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles)
Part of our 2023 fieldwork team, supported by our driver Imad and cook Ali.