A day-off at Ginis

Today is Friday and after some crazy first weeks because of our initial problems, we’re finally in an ordinary working schedule, making a day-off to relax and to study finds. And there was also some unusual excitement: We had a very nice surprise visit by a group of tourists travelling through Sudan with Lendi Travels, the company of my dear friend Waleed in Khartoum. I gave them a short tour at GiE 001, explaining the challenges we are currently encountering, but also the huge potential of the site. For them it was of course a big difference compared to all the nicely preserved New Kingdom sites with stone architecture like Sai and Soleb.

After the nice group left, I took the opportunity for a relaxing walk back from the site to our house. And I am happy to share here some impressions of the stunning beauty of the landscape at Ginis, wishing everybody a relaxed weekend:

The fields along the river bank contrasting with the sandy dunes on the west bank.
View towards the west bank with some rocky outcrops.
The nice local house we rented as a digging house for this season.

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